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A Lingerie Designer's Best Advice For Feeling Sexy In Your Skivvies

A Lingerie Designer's Best Advice For Feeling Sexy In Your Skivvies

Just like we mentioned in our gift guide, we're in total support of embracing some Valentine's Day cliches—mainly, indulging in chocolate and splurging on lingerie. When it comes to the latter, as much as we love the idea of parading around like a Victoria's Secret model in our newly purchased goodies, the reality is that most of us can get caught up in our (supposed) flaws. Who better to ask than a designer of super-sexy lingerie styles for tips on shopping for, and feeling incredible in our skivvies—regardless of whether or not you're showing them off for a partner this Valentine's Day. 

Clare Herron's Clare Bare line of eco-friendly (organic dyes, salvaged fabric and trims) lingerie was first imagined a decade ago when the designer was studying at Parsons. Now based in Los Angeles, the brand continues to focus on sustainability—but never sacrifices its serious sex appeal. High-waisted panties with attached garters, open-back bodysuits with sheer panels. and strappy bralettes are just a few of the Clare Bare styles you can shop online (or in several stockists throughout the country). Suffice it to say—this woman knows a thing or two about alluring undies. Thankfully, she was up for the task of answering a few questions we had about buying and wearing lingerie, including the garments guaranteed to make you feel confident at any size, what you need to know if you're planning to snap a sultry selfie or two, and who she channels to feel like a goddess. 

What do you think is the sexiest thing any woman can wear?

I think I can speak for all women on this one: a nice slinky robe with nothing underneath! The most important part of feeling sexy is feeling comfortable, and when you drape yourself in luxurious fabrics such as bamboo jersey or silk you can't go wrong.

For women who aren't feeling great in their own skin, but still want to show off some new lingerie on Valentine's Day, what are some tips you can offer on feeling super sexy and confident? 

If you want to feel sexy without revealing too much, I think bodysuits and garter tanks are a great idea. Based on years of conversations with my customers and friends (and myself!) I know people can particularly self conscious of their mid sections. As we get older, have children, etc., our bodies might not be what they used to be, but there are so many options in the world of lingerie. Take this as an opportunity to try something new! Personally I think the garter tank is great because it covers "problem" areas and highlights others that you might have never thought of before. Our Alameda garter tank shows off your hips and side boob—two areas that are typically covered up in a traditional bra & panty set.

For all the single ladies this Valentine's Day, what's your idea of a perfect treat-yourself night solo? 

I think one of the most empowering things a woman can do is take herself out to a nice dinner. I spent years bartending (and often had to work on Valentine's Day) and it made me so happy to see girls treating themselves to a night out. It's also a great way to meet someone too! I used to love playing match maker at the bar- that's another thing, if you sit at the bar the bartender will take good care of you and ward off the creeps. If you don't feel like going out, you can always slip on that robe I mentioned before and pour yourself a glass of wine and treat yourself to some lingerie shopping online. A lot of designers (myself included) have special V-Day sales. 

What's something every woman should know when lingerie shopping?

Sizing can be arbitrary. It really changes from brand to brand, so it's important to know your sister sizes. If you feel uncomfortable having an in-person fitting, there are resources online that help you do it yourself. All you need is a measuring tape, or a string and a ruler. Here is one that I recommend. 

Any advice on staging your own boudoir photo shoot (whether for yourself or as a gift)? 

Lighting is everything! I think everyone looks amazing in bright natural light. If you can find a space that's open and airy, the light does all the work for you- it blurs out blemishes and creates a glow around you that has a slimming effect as well. It also helps to have a mirror handy, especially if you're not used to posing for photos. I know I need a mirror staged behind the camera if I'm ever having my photo taken, because I'm not used to being on that side. 

Finish this sentence, when I want to feel sexy-as-hell I channel... 

I feel like I should say Beyonce, but I have to say Liz Phair.


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