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Say 'I Love You' With These Modern Takes On Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Say 'I Love You' With These Modern Takes On Traditional Valentine's Day Gifts

Flowers and chocolates never go out of style, but you'll get bonus points with your loved one for putting a creative spin on traditional Valentine's Day gifts. Not a red rose or heart-shaped box of candy in sight, but these goodies stay true to the classic romantic ideals of the holiday, without being remotely cheesy or passé.  An added bonus: all of the dainty jewelry, sweets, and pampering pressies on our list are by LA-based brands, so you can feel good about supporting local talent. 

Maya Brenner Asymmetrical Letter Necklace

Because getting your S.O.'s name tattooed on you is just too much commitment, try gifting the lady in your life this rose gold necklace ($240) with the first letter of your name. Or if that's weird, the first letter of their name. Or their little one's get the idea. 

Richer Poorer 'Seat's Taken' T-shirt

Channel your inner Forrest & Jenny by gifting this cute embroidered tee (psst, there's also a 'No Thanks' version) by the LA-based basics brand for your beau, lady, or bestie. Just place your order by 10am February 10th to get one in time for Valentine's Day. Oh, and it's just $38.

The Now Gift Certificate 

Let's just be honest: you'll never be as good as giving your partner a massage as the gang at LA's most stylish massage retreat, The Now. The mini wellness chain now has three locations throughout the city (Hollywood, Santa Monica, and newly opened Silver Lake) and massages start at just $35. Plus the Tulum-inspired decor is enough to make your loved one feel like totally whisked away—even if only for half an hour. 

Botanica Workshop Organic Cotton Undies

Modern women know that lingerie doesn't have to be uncomfortable to be totally sexy. In fact, undies that are cozy will make her feel even better in her own skin, which is why we love Botanica Workshop's organic cotton bras and panties (the georgette silk pieces are also just as lovely). A longline bra ($78) and hi-waist brief ($65) by the brand have a bit of stretch to hug lovingly hug your curves, so these are definitely a fashion-forward upgrade from the granny panties of yore. 

Compartes Spring Awakening Chocolate Bar

Chocolate covered berries are chiche, but you can't deny the combo tastes so damn good. Enter Compartes berry-filled dark chocolate bar ($9.95): vegan, gluten-free, and loaded up with farmer's market goodies. Even your health-conscious valentine will approve.

Agapantha x Claggie Desert Moon Ring

Adorable, multi-talented LA lady Kristine Claghorn worked with jewery brand Agapantha to transform her beloved watercolor moon paintings into a dainty rose gold ring (starting at $55) that astronomy loving ladies will ooh and ahh over. 

Strange Invisible Zodiac Perfumes

Some of the finest—and most original—fragrances around are created right here Los Angeles—well, Venice to be precise. Strange Invisibles's perfumes are created with the purest botanicals and distilled with the care of a top shelf bourbon. Since picking scents for others can be a super danuting task, it's a safe bet to go with one from the brand's best-selling zodiac. All you need to know is your honey's star sign (you do know that, right?). A half-ounce bottle goes for $125.

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