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These Seriously Cool Gifts Will Also Help Save The Planet

These Seriously Cool Gifts Will Also Help Save The Planet

This time of year, gift guides are a dime a dozen. Everywhere you look, there’s a list curated to cater to practically everyone in your life. And while that can be super helpful, we know that lately consumers are more conscious than ever, which is why we decided to only include products that are domestically, ethically, and/or sustainably made — or serve the purpose of helping others adopt eco-friendly practices. From a fleece pullover made from recycled plastic bottles to a set of cute, reusable shopping bags, the following items will impress even your most discerning gift recipients, and you’ll be doing a small part to save resources (look at you!).

For the Foodie

 Baggu ‘Flora’ reusable bag set,  $30

Baggu ‘Flora’ reusable bag set, $30

These reusable bags are perfect for trips to the farmer’s market or grocery store so you won’t have to use excess paper or plastic — plus they come in super cute patterns.

 Bee’s Wrap variety pack,  $42

Bee’s Wrap variety pack, $42

Say goodbye to plastic wrap forever with these reusable waxed cotton sheets. They’re perfect for keeping cheese, fruit and veggies, or whatever leftovers fresh in the fridge without creating more waste.

For the Wellness Guru

 Nagnata ‘Strap Back’ crop top,  $135.33

Nagnata ‘Strap Back’ crop top, $135.33

Naganta’s zero waste organic cotton tops are technically knit for low impact workouts like yoga and pilates, but they’re stylish enough to mix seamlessly into your wardrobe (even if you’re not into the activewear look).

 Girlfriend Collective ‘Margot’ wrap in Dusty Rose,  $38

Girlfriend Collective ‘Margot’ wrap in Dusty Rose, $38

Girlfriend Collective’s ballet-inspired wrap top is perfect for wearing over your workout gear during colder months and it’s made from Cupro, super-soft and highly sustainable fabric.

 Manduka ‘eKO Lite’ yoga mat,  $68

Manduka ‘eKO Lite’ yoga mat, $68

Manduka’s eKO Lite mat is made from sustainably sourced tree rubber and it’s void of any toxic materials (like a lot of other yoga mats can be!).

 Via Verano mediation pillow,  $160

Via Verano mediation pillow, $160

This hand-dyed, locally-made, buckwheat hull-filled pillow will up any mediation enthusiast’s game.

For the Fashion Girl

 Richer Poorer ‘Cheery’ socks,  $12

Richer Poorer ‘Cheery’ socks, $12

Not sure what we like more: the adorable cherry embroider on this Richer Poorer ankle sock, or the fact that it’s made of upcycled materials?

 Everlane ‘ReNew Fleece’ sweatshirt in Golden Brown,  $55

Everlane ‘ReNew Fleece’ sweatshirt in Golden Brown, $55

Part of the brand’s new ReNew collection, this ultra cozy fleece sweatshirt was miraculously created with fiber made of recycled plastic bottles.

 Vrai & Oro ‘Her’ ring,  $195

Vrai & Oro ‘Her’ ring, $195

For the lady in your life you deserves a diamond, the LA-based brand created this dainty ring (perfect for pinkies) as an ode to marginalized women, so 15% of sales go to young women empowering non-profit Girls, Inc. And in terms of sustainability, all V&R pieces are made locally and use diamonds grown in California using solar technology.

For the Lover

 Clare Bare zero waste ‘First Take’ bralette,  $62

Clare Bare zero waste ‘First Take’ bralette, $62

LA-based lingerie line Clare Bare figured out a way to put their excess fabric to good (and super cute) use with this sweet bralette made of leftover modal

 Maude massage candle,  $25

Maude massage candle, $25

Chic sex essentials line Maude added this massage candle to its collection just in time for the holidays, and in addition to the fact that they’re hand poured in Brooklyn, they’re also made with plant-based ingredients like jojoba and soybean oil. Burn it for ambience, then use the amber-cedar-lemongrass scented oil on you or your partner’s bod.

 Botanica Workshop ‘Vetiver’ slip dress,  $299

Botanica Workshop ‘Vetiver’ slip dress, $299

Sustainable lingerie and loungewear label Botanica Workshop uses natural materials like organic cotton and stretch silk, the latter of which is hand-dyed (a collaboration with fellow LA-based brand Ermie) for this slip that can be worn beautifully to bed, or layered up for a stylish ensemble.

For the Beauty Aficionados

 Loli Beauty pore-refining scrub and mask,  $48

Loli Beauty pore-refining scrub and mask, $48

Mix your own mask with purple corn grains and coconut vinegar to reveal skin that’s smooth and clear. And not only are Loli’s products plant-based and vegan, the packaging is also totally compostable.

 Aether Beauty ‘Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone’ palette,  $58

Aether Beauty ‘Rose Quartz Crystal Gemstone’ palette, $58

This stunning palette is enough to impress any cosmetics guru on looks and quality alone (the brand was founded by a Sephora vet) and the formulation includes a ton of good-for-you ingredients like rose quartz powder, organic coconut oil, and organic shea butter, but what makes this product truly amazing is the fact that the paper packing is totally recyclable with zero waste.

 J. Hannah polish set,  $52

J. Hannah polish set, $52

Los Angeles'-based sustainability-focused jewelry designer J. Hannah made conscious fashion girls even happier a few years ago when she launched a line of 7-free (aka free of seven toxic ingredients) nail polishes that are inspired by shades found in nature as well as in the palettes of some of their favorite artists (think Chanterelle and Himalayan Salt). This set lets you choose three different hues in a beautiful package to give your most mani-obsessed friend.

*Lead image via @baggu

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