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Ciao Lucia Will Give You Dreamy Vacation Vibes Year-Round

Ciao Lucia Will Give You Dreamy Vacation Vibes Year-Round

Love it or hate it, the term "fashion girl" gets constantly and casually tossed around in most modern style publications; in essence, it's meant to describe women who are on-the-pulse of what's happening. She's not a slave to the trends, she's introducing them to you. This is the exact shopper of Lucy Akin's Shop Super Street, a retailer that stocks indie brands, established high-end-designers, and streetwear all under the same roof. So when Akin—a Jenni Kayne and Satine vet—recently launched her own label, the likelihood that it could be anything other than cool, contemporary, and inspired was practically impossible. 

Though her new line, Ciao Lucia, is exactly those adjectives, it still might not be what you'd expect from the owner of a boutique that sells HUF hoodies, Alexander Wang tees, or Dry Clean Only bombers. Motivated by the absence of resortwear for stylish, modern women like herself, the collection of relaxed silk dresses, voluminous-sleeved blouses, shell-print wrap skirts and the like is meant to look effortlessly chic whether you're actually jet-setting or not. And what's even better: it's deceptively easy to wear. 

We recently got to chat with Akin, who filled us in on how her brand aims to redefine resortwear, as well what her most memorable vacations have been and what style icon she'd most want to dress up in Ciao Lucia. 

What did having the shop teach you about what you wanted or didn't want in your own collection?

Having Shop Super Street taught me a lot about who my customer is, what her style is like, and introduced me to an audience of people who really appreciate young designers. When designing my line, I designed what I would want in my dream vacation suitcase: what would I want to wear by the beach, out to dinner with friends, or wandering around a foreign city.

The term "resortwear" can be a turn-off for instantly picture kaftans and bejeweled thong sandals. How did you want to make the line different from how we view that category of clothing?

Resortwear I think should be worn anytime. It’s workable into everyday fashion and I think we really understand that as residents of LA. I wanted to make pieces that had a dreamy vacation quality to them but that you didn’t have to wait to go on vacation to be able to wear. You can channel the vacation that you rather be on! 

That said, tell us what your dream vacation would be.

My dream vacation is tough to nail down; I’m into a lot of different things. This year, after I was at fashion week in Paris, I went to Marrakech with some friends and found so many great treasures. And this summer I did a week in Sicily and had so much fun drinking Aperol Spritz’s all day and taking fun boat excursions! And my last trip this summer is to Charleston for a Ciao Lucia trunkshow at Hampden Clothing. I love exploring new and different places. I try to make every vacation special and not necessarily to top the last one, just make it memorable. 

The brand is already getting such great buzz. Who would you dream to dress in a Ciao Lucia piece and what would it be? 

I would die to dress Gwenyth Paltrow. I idolized her in the 90s growing up. I would put her in the simple Carlotta Skirt and Ludavica top in the Souvenir Print.  

You're clearly incredibly stylish: what's your everyday, off-duty look like?

Off duty fashion is definitely a great pair of Eve Denim Jeans and a Ciao Lucia blouse. It’s just the easy-go to that doesn’t take much time or thinking to put on. 

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